VGC 2023 Committees

Local Organization Committee:

Anette Eltner (GSS-TUD)

Xabier Blanch (GSS-TUD)

Robert Krüger (GSS-TUD)

Oliver Grothum (GSS-TUD)

Hanne Hendrickx (GSS-TUD)

Moritz Kirsch (HZDR)

Sam Thiele (HZDR)

Website support:

Amalia Carlota Gutierrez  (University of Lausanne)

Michel Jaboyedoff (University of Lausanne)


Scientific Committee:

The VGC 2023 committee aims to represent different disciplines and application areas relevant to the conference themes.

Dr Katharina Anders, Universität Heidelberg, Germany, point cloud processing, 4D

Dr Antonio Abellan, CREALP, Switzerland, Remote sensing, slope instabilities

Dr Xabier Blanch, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, Photogrammetry, natural hazards

Prof Simon Buckley, Uni Research, Norway, Geomatics/remote sensing, geomodels

Dr Marc-Henri Derron, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Laser scanning for natural hazards

Dr Thomas Dewez, BRGM, France, Geomatics in geoscience

Dr Hanne Hendrickx, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, Geomorphology, monitoring

Prof Sander Oude Elberink, University of Twente, Netherlands, point cloud processing, data fusion

JProf. Anette Eltner, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, Photogrammetry, environmental monitoring

Dr Eugenio Fazio, University of Catania, Italy, Geological mapping and petrology, structural geology, teaching

Prof Georgia Fotopoulos, Queen’s University, Canada, Remote sensing in geo-engineering

Prof Caroline Geveart, University of Twente, Netherlands, Image processing, artificial intelligence

Prof Bernhard Höfle, Universität Heidelberg, Germany, 3D geodata, geoinformatics, physical geography

Prof John Howell, University of Aberdeen, UK, Digital outcrop geology

Prof Michel Jaboyedoff, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Laser scanning for natural hazards

Dr Juliette Lamarche, Aix-Marseilles University – CEREGE, France, Structural Geology

Prof Einat Lev, Columbia, USA, Physical volcanology/lava flow/photogrammetry

Prof Roderik Lindenbergh, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, 3D mapping, monitoring

Dr Andreas Mayr, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Geography, remote sensing, topographic LiDAR

Dr Nicole Naumann, Uni Research, Norway, Geo-ecology, Remote sensing, databases

Prof Francesco Pirotti, University of Padova, Italy, Remotes Sensing, environmental sciences

Prof Martin Rutzinger, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Remote sensing and topographic LiDAR

Dr Anindita Samsu, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Structural Geology, analogue modelling, teaching

Prof Doug Stead, Simon Fraser, Canada, Engineering geology

Dr Sophie Viseur, Aix-Marseilles University – CEREGE, France, Computer science, image analysis in geology